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Start-Up Assemble Package - F303


These earrings are an exquisite design make of bugles and seed beads. When needed we will pay you  $142.50, including supply costs, for each unit of 30 pair of earrings you send us to our specifications as needed to fill our orders!. We will accept up to four units per week which comes to $570.00 per week, and will pay you $4.00 "extra," per unit to cover the cost of shipping the earrings to our office. Of course you can earn much more by selling our products through local outlets and online.

We will also train you how to become your own boss and how to sell these products at local Carnivals, Parades and Flea Markets and online using venues such as E-Bay.

This is a superb beaded earrings which all the women wear at elegant parties or at work. The retail value of these stylish beaded earrings is $15.00 to $20.00\pair, you will receive the reproduction rights to make up to 1,000 pair of earrings, instructions, patterns and one beaded earrings (finished sample).

Your Potential  Earnings = $20,000

Before you enrol to assemble this model of beaded earrings we require you to pay $84.80 $29.95 for our Start-Up Assemble Package. The Start-Up Assemble Package will include a beautiful sample of the product to be assembled, diagrams and easy-to-understand instructions that even a child could follow. Then, you will have the opportunity to examine the product and read the instructions before you register and commit yourself to produce the product for us. You can even attempt to assemble the product. Moreover, if you get a Start-Up Assemble Package for each one of the products available at this time (see special offer) you will be able to decide better which one/s you would like to assemble. With the start-up assemble package we will include an enrolment form to enrol in the products/s of your choice. Then, after deciding what you like best, you just fill out the enrolment application and send it to us with a one time enrolment fee of $29.95. Each start-up assemble package will also include "Free Reproductions Rights", the "Get Paid From Home Doing Arts And Crafts Guide" and the "Assemble Jobs Directory" to help you make more money assemble products at home.

Is this too good to be true? Are you wondering if there is a catch?

Well there is! In fact there are 2 catches that we would like to be honest and up front about. So pay attention and read closely.

1. Most people can not make 4 units of this craft project in 7 days. It is possible, but it is very difficult to do. But you could always work together with a family member or friend. This would let you double the size of your weekly pay check immediately. You see, our offer will provide a weekly income but it will not make you rich. If you are fine with that, then we can become great long-term partners.

2. The second catch is that this offer is limited. Some companies just say this, but we really mean it! The news about our program is starting to spread very quickly. This lowers your chance of being accepted if you do not hurry.




"Get Paid From Home Doing Arts & Crafts" Guide $ 29.95
"Assembly Jobs Directory" $ 29.95
Reproduction Rights + Patterns + Instructions  "FREE"
One Beaded Earring (Finished Sample) $ 9.95
Shipping & Handling and administrative expenses* $ 14.95


$ 84.80
$ 29.95 

Our Guarantee
Shipping & handling and administrative expenses fees are non refundable.


$84.80 $29.95 USD

This offer is valid only if you order today

This is a limited offer.
To avoid disappointment order Now!! 



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